Herb Lindsay (USA)
America's best road racer from 1981-1982

Herb Lindsay running at the 1981 Nike US Championships where he won 10K (28:29)

Herb Lindsay running with Lasse Viren at Midland Run 15K in Far Hills, NJ during
1980. Lindsay won in 43:54. Lasse Viren (31 yrs old) got 2nd (44:05)

Bob Hodge, Herb Lindsay, Greg Meyer and Rod Dixon at Falmouth in 1980. Rod Dixon won in 32:20.
Lindsay was second in 32:32. Ric Rojas (in the back) was 3rd in 32:34. Bob Hodge 4th in 32:38, Meyer 5th in 32:39.

Cover from the runner Mag

Herb Lindsay running at Midland Run 15K in Far Hills, NJ during 1980

Lindsay leading the race at Bermuda 10,000m in 1980.
Craig Virgin (in black) won in 29:17. Lindsay was 4th in 29:41. Jon Sinclair (31)
3rd. in 29:30.

Lindsay, Rodgers and Meyer leading the Bobby Crim 10 miler in
Flint , MI (1980). Lindsay won in (47:07),. Rodgers 2nd (47:11) and
Meyer 3rd 47:47

Herb Lindsay and Paul Williams (Can) at Cascade Run Off 9.3 miles (1980) in Portland OR
Lindsay won in 43:50, Williams 2nd in 43:51

Craig Virgin and Herb Lindsay leading the 10,000m of 1980 olympic trials at Eugene OR.
Virgin won in 27:45.

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