Alberto Salazar

Alberto Salazar became a celebrity after winning the NYC Marathon in 1980

Alberto Salazar leading the 1980 NYC Marathon (he won in 2:09:41)

Alberto Salazar in training during 1982

Alberto Salazar in the final stages of the 1981 New York City marathon where he set (for some time) the world record.

Only José Gómez from Mexico was able to follow Salazar for few miles, right after the midpoint.
It was too much for Gomez who finished in 36th place (2:18'11")

The leaders of the NYC Marathon 1981. Some recognized runners are: Ryszard Marczak, (39), Hugh Jones-GBR(31), Massimo Magnani (Ita),
Mineteru Sakamoto, Japan (49), Kirk Pfeffer (7), Takehiko Kikuchi -JAP, Nick Brown -GBR, Jose Gomez (Mex), Greg Fredericks (k948)
Malcom East (behind Nick Brown), Abraha Arega -USA (232), Jukka Toivola (Fin) (Obscured by Arega).

Salazar breaks the tape in 2:08:13!! new world record...

Salazar leading in the early stages of the NYC Marathon in 1982

The leaders in the NYC Marathon '82 included Dave Murphy (P929), Marti Kilhoma (in blue, behind Murphy),
Carlos Lopes (behind Kilhoma), Malmo (426), Adrian Leek (between Malmo & Alberto), José Gómez (below Alberto's right ear)
Dan Schlesinger (91), Jon Sinclair (behind Schlesinger), Rodolfo Gómez (behind Sinclair). Dick Beardsley is 50m behind the pack
(black and white uniform)

Salazar and Gomez ran together all the way until the final meters

At the time, Rodolfo Gomez was unbeaten in his last three major marathons. Alberto was unbeaten lifetime...

Alberto Salazar wins the New York City Marathon by third time, leaving Rodolfo Gómez from
Mexico by 4 seconds

Dick Beardsley (3), Salazar and Ed Mendoza (133) were the leaders during the 1982 Boston Marathon (see video below).

Dick Beardsley's training for Boston 1982 (in Acrobat *.pdf)
Taken from the Runner Magazine, August 1982. pp. 12-13.


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