Rodolfo Gómez (Mexico)

Rodolfo Gómez and Alberto Salazar in the final stages of the 1982 NYC Marathon
(Note: this photo was autographed by Rodolfo Gomez himself to the Rodolfo Gomez Club
from Lerdo City in Durango, Mexico)

Thanks to marathoner Benji Durden for sharing this photo


Born in Mexico City, Rodolfo enrolled in the Military School of Physical Education and participated in the curriculum of  Specialization in Athletics taught by the International Olympic Committee.

He earned a scholarship to attend the University of Texas in El Paso where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education with honors.

As a long distance runner, few have achieved what Rodolfo has. Some of his awards include:

·         5th Place Track & Field World Cup, 10000 MTS Duesseldorf, Germany 1977.

·         Gold Medal, Panamerican Games 10000 MTS , 1979.

·         5th Place Track & Field World Cup, 10000 MTS Montreal, Canada 1979.

·         6th Place in the Olympic Marathon form the Games of 1980 in Moscow.

·         2nd Place New York City Marathon, 1980.

·         1st Place Tokyo Marathon, 1981.

·         1st Place Athens Golden Marathon, 1982.

·         1st Place Rotterdam Marathon, 1982.

·         1st Place Oregon Marathon, 1982.

·         2nd Place New York City Marathon, 1982.

·         1st Place Pittsburgh Marathon, 1984.

·         1st Place Mexico City Marathon, 1987.


His best times were:

28:08 minutes in the 10,000m
13:27 minutes in the 5,000m
2:09:12 in the marathon (Tokyo 1981)

After his career as an athlete, Rodolfo focused on  becoming one of the best high performance long distance coaches in the World.

Many of his athletes have won or placed in the most renowned marathons in the world. His athletes include:

- Andres Espinoza, Masters Marathon World Record Holder, placed 2nd in the New York City Marathon in 1991, and was the OVERALL WINNER in 1992 and 1993. In Boston, He placed 2nd in 1991 (where he established the Mexican National Record of 2:07:19), and 3rd in 1992.

- German Silva was the OVERALL WINNER of the New York City Marathon in 1994 and 1995

- Benjamín Paredes was 2nd in the New York City Marathon in 1994 right behind German Silva

- Adriana Fernández was 2nd in 1998 and the OVERALL WINNER of the New York City Marathon in 1999, took 2nd place in the 1999 London Marathon where she established the Mexican   National Marathon Record of 2:24:06.  In 2002, she placed 2nd.

- Isaac Garcia was the OVERALL WINNER of the Washington Marathon in 1992.

- Martín Pitayo was the OVERALL WINNER in the 1990 Chicago Marathon.

- Isidro Rico was 2nd in 1993 London Marathon.

The Volcano runners: an article about Rodolfo Gomez and his life as a coach (1996)

Rodolfo Gomez Running Log from 1983
(Article provided by Kevin Matthews, who scanned the article from a Runners World Magazine . Thanks a lot Kevin!!!)