My Running Page
By: Juan Jose Martinez (Mexico) July 2011.

Hi to everybody from Mexico. This is my web page dedicated to running.
In this section I will be sharing with you a lot of material related to running that I have been obtaining since early '80s.
Most of this material come from the running magazines from that era (The Runner & Runner's World) as well as from newspapers. Also, due to the fact that since then I have had access to different satellite receivers (from C-Band to KU) free to air signal and unscrambled, I have been recording a lot of races around the world, beginning with Beta tapes & VHS thru DVDs and Blu Ray discs in High Definition format (HD) that I also will be sharing with you.

On the other hand, I have started a Blog in Spanish, since most of the running material in the web is in English, and for the latinamerican people there is a few material available, so I will try to fill the gap (if possible) in terms of available videos.


As you can see this site will be permanently under construction, so I'll recommend you to come back on a regular basis to check for the new info.

I really hope that you enjoy this site... Thanks a lot!