My Running Page
By: Juan Jose Martinez (Mexico) July 2011.

Hi to everybody from Mexico. This is my web page dedicated to running.
In this section I will be sharing with you a lot of material related to running that I have been obtaining since early '80s.
Most of this material come from the running magazines from that era (The Runner & Runner's World) as well as from newspapers. Also, due to the fact that since then I have had access to different satellite receivers (from C-Band to KU) free to air signal and unscrambled, I have been recording a lot of races around the world, beginning with Beta tapes & VHS thru DVDs and Blu Ray discs in High Definition format (HD) that I also will be sharing with you.


As you can see this site will be permanently under construction, so I'll recommend you to come back on a regular basis to check for the new info.

I really hope that you enjoy this site... Thanks a lot!